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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products

JDM type offset alloy offset front no. plate mounting bracket for Mazda MX5 & Eunos Roadster. NM01411.

Fits Mk2 Mazda Roadster. It changes the kilometer output from the gearbox to miles so you can have both speedo and odometers reading miles, also de-limits the car. NM01494.

New, genuine Mazda front number plate mount fixing stud / bolt for mk1 Mazda MX5. 1989-1998. NM01934.

New JDM style front number plate plinth for mk3 Mazda MX5. 2005-14. From JDM spec Roadster. NM02137.

New gasket, exhaust manifold to downpipe, Mazda MX5 mk3, 2005 on. NM01963.

Gasket, exhaust manifold to downpipe, genuine Mazda MX5 mk3, 2005 on. NM01963M.

Gasket, rear silencer, genuine Mazda MX5 mk3, 2005 on. NM02333.