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Mazda MX-5 parts

If you can't see what you need on this list, phone 01489 877770, we probably have it.

We are also breaking a number of MX-5's and Roadsters, we have most parts available used as well as new, call or email for details.

Luggage racks, windblockers, etc.
Radios, aerials, speakers, band expanders, wiring adaptors, cubby boxes, etc
Body panels & parts
New and used, wings, bumpers, mudflaps, brackets, etc.
Handbooks, workshop manuals, etc.
Boot and contents
All bits you'd find in the boot.
Brake parts
Brake pads, disks, calipers, etc.
Clutch & transmission parts
Clutches, slave and master cylinders, gearboxes, differentials, driveshafts, oil seals, bushes, etc.
Cooling systems
Water pumps, radiators, hoses, thermostats, etc.
Electrical parts MX-5
Batteries, alternators, relays, starter motors, wiring, coils, ECU's, etc.
Engine parts
Gaskets, seals, undertrays, pulleys, cylinder heads, even complete engines, but not normal service items
Exhaust parts
Exhausts, gaskets, catalytic convertors, etc.
Exterior trim parts
Badges, etc.
Fuel system parts
Fuel pumps, tanks, injectors, etc.
Heating, ventilation & a/c
Parts for the heating, ventilation and air con systems
Ignition parts
Spark plugs, HT leads, Coil packs, etc.
Induction parts
Air intakes, throttle bodies, ISC valves, Air flow meters, induction kits.
Speedo face, coloured dial sets, instrument panels, etc.
Interior Trim parts
Radio frames, cubby boxes, door trims, ashtrays, carpets, etc.
JDM Aftermarket Parts
Interesting, rare and unusual Japanese Domestic Market parts.
Keep the rain off
Soft tops, Hard tops, Car covers, Tonneau covers, etc
Bulbs, lights, reflectors
Locks and keys
Locks and keys, for doors, ignition, glovebox, boot, etc.
Door & interior mirrors.
Nuts & Bolts
MX-5 nuts, bolts, screws and washers.
Other stuff
All the bits that are tricky to fit into the other categories
Touch up and spray paint kits
Safety items
Air bags, seat belts, etc.
Seats and seat covers, used and re-furbished
Service parts
New service parts such as oil, air and fuel filters, spark plugs, HT leads, etc.
Steering parts
Steering racks, gaiters, PAS parts, track rod ends, etc.
Suspension parts
Bushes, shock absorbers, springs, ball joints, etc.
Wheels, wheel bearings and tyres
Wheels, tyres, wheel bearing kits & hubs
Windows & doors
Window motors, cables, mechanisms, door trims, handles, etc