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ABS Sensor & front hub, MX-5 mk2, front right, USED
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ABS Sensor & front hub, MX-5 mk2, front right, USED
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Used front right hand (drivers side) ABS Sensor, complete with upright, wheel bearing and hub, Mazda MX-5 mk2, NB series, RHD cars, 1998-2005.

Note that these hubs are for the standard brakes, they are not suitable for the 'big brake' models with 270mm front discs (the dust shields are too small).

These are tested before we send them, but please check that you have got the correct one when it arrives. 

The mk2 ABS system does not store fault codes and will often give a false code to the diagnostic machine at the dealers.  The only way to check for sure that you have identified the faulty sensor is to plug in a good one (such as this one) to the connector on the front inner wing.  You do not need to fit the upright onto the car to test it, just plug it in and start the car (make sure the cable isn't stretched and that it is not near any moving parts where it could get snagged).  If the ABS light goes out, you've found the fault and can get on and swap the hub. 

If the light doesn't go out, reconnect the r/h sensor and plug this one in to the other side and try again (the plugs are the same for both front sensors).  If the light goes out then, it means that the l/h sensor is the faulty one. 

Do not try and get the sensor out of the upright as you will usually break the bolt or the sensor (or both).  There is no warranty if you have tried to do this.